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World of Devil


Description---Welcome to the Demon's hometown--"World of Devil"!---WoD is an exciting new 3D Adventure/Action/APRG Game for mobile and tablet of fantasy war that lets you strengthen your runes,feed a Nest,enhance the potential and upgrade your wing to fight against the World Boss-Dragon on the virtual secondary plane.【Characteristic of Game】---Race WingsUnique race Wings' system: Every race has their own symbolic wings. Game Players need to continuously upgrade the wings to battle with their enemies.
---Development of 3D Game Engine The player can enjoy bright color and exquisite screen and figures, in which aesthetic map, vivid figures and specially gorgeous background music will bring players with different experience.
---Fabulous Runes Runes with all status can Evolve and Regenerate, enhance your all-round fighting properties.
---Ladder ArenaReal-time PVP Arena. Immediate release of various skills help you feel much fulfilled.
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